Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tar Heel Emergency Net

Nightly 7:30 p.m. - 3923 kHz

(Alternate Frequency 7232 kHz**)

See you all tonight at 7:30 pm for a regular session of the THEN.

Remember to adhere to the Net Procedures.

About the Tar Heel Emergency Net

The Tar Heel Emergency Net is a directed net and is the North Carolina HF ARES® net. ARES® is "Amateur Radio Emergency Service," and is part of the ARRL field organization. The purpose this net is to provide communications during emergencies, to provide training in all aspects of net operations, to serve as a forum for discussions and to foster fellowship among radio amateurs. All radio amateurs are invited to participate in the Tar Heel Emergency Net. ** The alternate frequency of 7232 is only used if the net is activated during the day and the band drops out. When this happens we may have to go plus or minus a few kHz to find a clear frequency.

The Tar Heel Emergency Net is one of the longest running nightly nets, meeting on the air since 1947! Although the frequency and some of the Ham terminology has changed over the years, the Tar Heel Emergency Net continues to provide training to amateurs who are "furnishing communication when and if the public has need of its services". And we still need to be mindful of good operating procedures.


Net Protocol 

The Tar Heel Emergency Net is a directed net. This means that the Net Control Station is in charge. The Net will best serve all if basic ground rules are followed. Net members are expected to follow the directions of the NCS. Use standard ITU phonetics when checking into the Net. Follow the established net protocol. Know and announce which District you reside in. Report to the NCS promptly whenever called. Net members should ask NCS permission before they use the frequency. Never leave a net without checking out.

Net Control Stations (NCS)

Amateurs interested in being a Net Control Station for the Tar Heel Emergency Net (THEN), should contact T.H.E.N. Net Manager Mark Cantrell - KD4IMA. (kd4ima AT arrl.net)

Remember, we are always looking for volunteers to serve as Net Control station when our regular NCS are absent. So step up and gain some valuable experience.

Current Net Control Stations:

  • Sunday K4AEC, Larry Emergency Coordinator (Clay County)
  • Monday N4TAB, Tom ARES® Night
  • Tuesday KK4NC, Cliff
  • Wednesday Vacant
  • Thursday W4CHX, Karl NC Section Manager
  • Friday N4IB, Tim Assistant NC Section Manager
  • Saturday K1CY, Cy Assistant Emergency Coordinator (Gaston County)


ITU Phonetic Alphabet

A Alfa N November
B Bravo O Oscar
C Charlie P Papa
D Delta Q Quebec
E Echo R Romeo
F Foxtrot S Sierra
G Golf T Tango
H Hotel U Uniform
I India V Victor
J Juliet W Whiskey
K Kilo X X-ray
L Lima Y Yankee
M Mike Z Zulu