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North Carolina ARES Western Branch NEW News

Here is where I'll post any new news that might be of interest... after it is no longer new, it will be moved to a more appropriate section.

For inclusion in this section, either email me or use my "Contact KD4OZI" form and I'll be glad to post your news tidbit.


- Paul, KD4OZI

New News

WCARS members,

We will be having Field Day (June 23,24) again in the parking deck at
A-B Tech. As like last year we will have the antenna's up on the top
level and radio setup will be on the 6th level using generators. We also
will be allowed to grill hamburgers/hot dogs and eat dinner Saturday
evening. We will also need volunteers to set up and bring tables and
chairs to use. I would ask that those coming, please bring a covered
dish to help out with dinner. At the June WCARS meeting I will be
bringing a sign up sheet for both food and for people to help out
working a station. We will need operators for all stations and for those
that want to stay up all night to operate a station can do so. Please
think about how you want to help and let me know at the next meeting.

Randy Harris KI4VLW

Here are a few thing for everyone to keep in mind.

1. I'm still trying to get (asking) folks to sign up for the NEW  https://www.KD4OZI.ORG website.

To sign Up? Key the Sign Up and enter some data.

2. Hurricane Season is almost upon us (June 1st),

Weather Underground - is what I use to track these. If the Hurricane is in the Atlantic Ocean I will track it daily until it not listed as a hurricane anymore.

3. EC's - you can have assistant E.C. (A.E.C.) all you have to do is talk with your Area District Coordinator and justify your need. If you forget to send in your monthly report here is your chance to assign an A.E.C. and other things you may need help with.

Oh, congratulations to one of the new A.E.C. for Iredell County.

My plan is to list one of the Monthly E.C. reports to show what is going on in that County, they may be doing something that your club is able to do.

Below is an announcement from Iredell County, followed by the Monthly Report for Area 14, Cherokee County, Kevin Heyboer (KD4UYR) E.C.

From: Dennis White

May 8 at 9:58 PM

I am pleased to announce the appointment of our newest AEC for Iredell ARES; Jimmy Levan. Jimmy has trained at the EOC, served as NCS and attended some meetings which I couldn't attend as well sending emails to different agencies on behalf of ARES. Jimmy has completed numerous certifications: ICS-100, ICS-200, ICS-700, ICS-800, ICS-300 and ICS-400.

We have a lot of work/projects coming up so please volunteer to assist.

Iredell County ARES staff:

Rick McClure KE4TEP AEC

Jimmy Levan N4SZF AEC

Howard Hecht W1HO


Dennis L White


Iredell County ARES Emergency Coordinator

=== Begin Report for KD4UYR ===

Amended: no

Title: EC

Name: Kevin Heyboer, Call: KD4UYR , Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jurisdiction: Cherokee County

Date: April, 2018

ARES Members: 39, Decrease by (2)

AUXComm Members: , Same by (number)

Net Name: Cherokee Co ARES Net, Net Sessions: 4, Net Liaison: NCEN

Number of Drills, Tests, Training Sessions: 5, Hours: 45.05

Number of public service events: 0, Hours: 0

Number of Emergency Operations: 0, Hours: 0

Total ARES Operations: 5, Hours: 45.05

--- Begin Comments for KD4UYR ---

The month of April was calm in Cherokee County . At our monthly meeting, we discussed how to make inexpensive antennas from common objects which could be used in an emergency or to increase the range of an HT. We also began planning for Field Day.


Unfortunately, we lost Larry W. Shumway, N5DHY (SK), to his battle with esophageal cancer. His wife, Pat, N4NVO was also on our roster and she has asked to terminate her membership. She had gotten her license primarily to be able to communicate with her husband during a disaster if necessary.


At our upcoming May meeting, we will be finalizing plans to assist the Warriors Veterans Outreach with communications during their annual 22 mile march down US 19/74 to bring awareness to the 22 military veterans who take their own life every day. This will be our third year providing communications support to this operation as a public service.


Our partner group, the WCARS-Murphy Chapter, has received its club call sign of KN4LIG. We are now in the process of applying for a vanity call sign which represents the club. A final decision of which call signs to put on the request form will be made at the May meeting on May 8th. As the trustee of the call sign is an extra class operator, we can request a 2 X 2 call sign. The front runners which show available in the FCC database are WC4NC, NC4MU, and NC4MY.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin Heyboer KD4UYR

Emergency Coordinator

Cherokee County ARES/AUXCOMM

--- End Comments for KD4UYR ---

=== End Report for KD4UYR ===

From: Ed Griffin

it's cheap and you'd get plenty of exercise.

I should have mentioned..

If you go to and in the search block, type in
something like 73 magazine, you will get access to many issues
of that fun magazine.  Lots of stuff on that site.
Here is a link to lots of older (and not so old) ham radio related
magazines, books and articles.  Scroll to the bottom of the page
and the screen will keep adding pages.  Lots of interesting stuff
especially for some of our newer hams.

Wouxun.US / Import Communications

Ed Griffin
PO Box 451 
New London, NC  28127

Weather Underground

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Upcoming Hamfests

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Firecracker Hamfest
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